Some older finds (Part 3).

Moving right along, here’s something I found a few months ago at a thrift shop not too far from my house.  It’s an older store but a big one, and the turnover is pretty fast here.  This store is very hit and miss; sometimes you find a lot of neat things, other times you’ll go weeks without finding something that catches your eye.

We were there because we were nearby while running some errands, and we thought we’d stop in.

While wandering the shelves, something metallic caught my eye.  I pulled it out and found a dull, stained, and dirty piece of chromed metal.

Upon closer inspection, it was something called a Paper Welder:


While somewhat hard to see, in the diamond it says PAPER-WELDER with the patent number, and then MEDINA, N. Y.  It also says MADE IN U. S. A. beside that.

While looking at what exactly it is, and what exactly it does, I found out that this is considered a great example of 1950s design.


This device is a paperless stapler, if it wasn’t clear.  You put a few pieces of paper into the opening, push down the handle on the top, and it binds the 2 pieces of paper together.  While not as firm or permanent as a stapler that uses staples, the neat part is that if you want to separate the papers, you just use something like hard surface overtop of the bound area, and it lets go!

What’d it cost: $7.99

What’d it take:  About 10 minutes of cleaning and polishing

What’s it’s use: Right now it’s just sitting on a desk but it could be used at any time

~ Ryan